Ukrainian Birdwatching Centre

…some rare birds in Ukraine are common in the world and some common ones in Ukraine are rare outside it, but all of them are sure to be worth watching…

About us

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Who are we?

Ukrainian Birdwatching Center is aiming to promote birding and birdwatching in Ukraine

Our team is formed by professional field guides and professional managers.
This is allows us to organize the process of watching birds in the best way.

We provide guidance and assistance for individual birdwatchers, birders and for the groups in Ukraine.

What are our goals?

As a matter of fact, birdwatching is
not only the way to spend time with pleasure.

Our goals are:

  • To help ornithology and biology in Ukraine to develop itself independently
  • To help protect birds and rare animals and their natural environment
  • To monitor birds populations and birds migration process in Ukraine

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Breeding bird species of upper valley of the Dnister river

The book is available about bird species and habitats around the upper Dniester river, in Ukrainian
Breeding bird species of upper valley of the Dnister river
Published in Ukrainian.
Summary in English.